Upcoming events

The team is currently planning new events for 2023.  Watch this space for more information soon.

A view from the top court to the pool

Padel courts update

The Padel court installation is complete with the exception of brushing in the sand.  We are trying to get a working party together on Sunday 29th Jan to complete the task.  If you are able, please come along to help and bring a broom with you if you have one.  (A broom with stiff bristles works best)

Latest news


Laying the concrete for the Padel courts has meant that some damage has been done to (what was) the middle tennis court.  We will need to assemble a team to re-paint the court once the Padel courts are finished and the rain has passed. 

Recent achievements

  • Padel court preparation has been completed.

Short term goals

  • Install handrail to front steps

Longer term goals

  • Repair the driveway and create better parking
  • Repair the wall & steps up to the entrance
  • Renovate the BBQ area so that it can be used for future events